Research in the CRIPT lab is definitely influenced by the people that call it their academic home.  Although the mission of the CRIPT is broad, distinct and measurable studies are conducted by the undergraduate, Master, and Doctoral students.

See our Publications that highlight some of the pieces of research that have been accepted.  See here for other parts of research that perhaps haven’t made it all the way but have certainly shaped our approach to anatomical science, education, and technology innovations.


No education exploration is fun without looking into hot new technology and gadgetry. A great amount of effort is devoted to the exploration of the new potential technologies that can be incorporated into the classroom to facilitate learning one day. At CRIPT, we look at cost effective solutions. We monitor how people learn, not just with test scores but with brain blood flow monitors in real time also, using eye-tracking we pay attention to where the learner pays attention. Check out the Publications page to see some of the peer-reviewed results we have explored.


For any new instructional media that we ever plan to introduce into the curriculum, they always have to undergo tight scrutiny as we conduct rigorous testings and examinations on their efficacy and cost effectiveness. This properly ensures we maximize the benefit of the student from all spectrums.


In this stream, we focus on how to improve anatomical education to life science students and how to increase their retention of their anatomical knowledge in their years in the field. In addition to improving the traditional instructional method, we also try to incorporate some of the new digital instruction media into the curriculum.

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