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Mohamad Abu Sharkh


I was introduced to the CRIPT lab in the summer of my fourth year of undergraduate studies. Dr. Wilson took me on as a volunteer student, and I worked alongside my older sister (Farah Abu Sharkh, DDS’18) on a virtual teaching tool to teach dental students local anesthesia. The following summer, Dr. Wilson co-supervised me along with Dr. Galil to carry on my own research project in the Anatomy lab. Throughout my two summers in the CRIPT lab, I met great colleagues and made many friends who provided lots of support throughout. I consider myself very lucky to have been a member of the CRIPT lab, and wish everybody working there years of success ahead of them!

Erfun Hattam
Schulich Summer Research Opportunity Student  2015


Hello everyone, my name is Erfun and I am part of the meds 2018 class here at Western. I was able to work in the CRIPT, through the Schulich Summer Research Opportunity Program (2015). While in the CRIPT, I worked on an interdisciplinary project looking at the TMJ joint and the muscles of mastication. The resources available in the CRIPT will be integral to my work. From the many programs available on the computers to the friendly mentors, I’m glad to be part of the team.

Mark Dawidek
Schulich Research Opportunity Program  ’14-15


I am a medical student in the class of 2017 who had the pleasure of working with Dr. Wilson and the CRIPT crew thanks to Schulich’s Summer Research Training Program (SRTP’14-15). The program supported a project completed during my pre-clerkship summers, in which we partnered with Dr. Michael Ott to investigate learning curves in laparoscopic surgery skills training. Our primary goal was to see whether we could accelerate skill acquisition by incorporating 3D visualization into traditionally 2D laparoscopic training environments. Prior to entering medicine I completed a degree in electrical engineering and dabbled in medical biophysics, both also here at Western

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