With the vast diversity of research in educational and instructional technologies happening at the CRIPT, our published material sometimes gets some press (see below). Check out our published media work. There is lots more research happening, that might not be as flashy, check it out under our publications tab.

The Body Machine (TV Movie 2008)

Dr. Tim Wilson was an anatomist specialist for the TV series The Body Machine.  According to IMDB, the Body Machine is a landmark special on the human body that shows us just how much, how many, how large, how strong, how fast – just how amazing the body really is. Utilizing impressive large-scale real-life stunts, CGI and strong character stories, the show makes the staggering scale of the inner workings of the body tangible. 

Western University's Instructor Spotlight Series

Western University’s Instructional Technology Resource Centre (ITRC) is a support facility for faculty who wish to integrate technology into their courses.  Dr. Tim Wilson is one of the five instructors that was interviewed by the ITRC to talk about the CRIPT lab to showcase its 3D imaging and reconstruction capabilities. 

Western News

In 2018, Western News celebrated the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein with insights from faculty across many disciplines.  To join in the celebration, Dr Tim Wilson composed one of the news articles titled “Bequeathals create ‘life,’ enable research and learning.  Click the following link to read Dr. Tim Wilson’s article:


Technology and Computer Programs

Here in the CRIPT, a variety of computer programs and technology is used to help recreate the anatomical structures of the body.  These software programs allow us to isolate structures, take measurements of them, and quantify the datas significance.



AMIRA is a powerful 3D platform that allows one to visualize, manipulate, and understand anatomical research data such as CT, MRI, and microscopy.



OSIRIX is a medical imaging viewer that is used to take linear and angular measurements of CT scans.



MATLAB is a software program that analyzes and models the research data that is collected.



ADOBE photoshop is used to great amazing 2D diagrams and videos for the anatomical structures. 

Virtual Anatomical Head

Ventricular Visualization

Pelvis and Femur Rotation

Renal Corpuscle

Three Headed Biceps Specimen

Coracobrachialis Brevis Variant

Conjoined Twin Specimen

More of our work...

Click on these past research projects to see what other cool stuff has been happening in the CRIPT.  These three links will take you to our old site where you will be able to access the files.  Gentle warning, Macbook users may not be able to access the files.

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