Current Graduate Students

Danielle Brewer PhD Candidate

Danielle Brewer came to CRIPT after completing her Master’s of Science at Western in Kinesiology.  She arrives from the same lab Wilson did his PhD so she’s of high quality. Now in the CRIPT she’s teamed up with Adrian Owen and we are about to embark into new ground for the CRIPT.  We are going to look at subclinical brain trauma and the ill effects these knocks to the head may cause with young student athletes.



Colin Moore    PhD Student

Colin is currently a PhD student studying neuromuscular physiology (Rice Lab) in the School of Kinesiology at Western. His interest in anatomy stems from his Master’s degree in Anatomical Sciences from Queen’s University and subsequent employment as an anatomy demonstrator at Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica. Colin has been using MRI and uCT imaging to 3D reconstruct anatomical variations identified during routine cadaveric dissection. Using AMIRA software in the CRIPT laboratory, he has successfully 3D reconstructed some interesting rare anatomical variations to be used as digital anatomical models for teaching and research purposes. Colin is also investigating the variability of palmaris brevis muscle morphology in relation to the piso-hamate tunnel at the wrist using high resolution MR Images in the CRIPT. By investigating the 3D morphology of the palmaris brevis at the wrist, he hopes to provide further insight into the protective function of the palmaris brevis and its relation to compression-related injuries of the ulnar nerve such as cyclist palsy.