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Uploading Data

Acceptable Data Formats

Amira will only accept specific file types including TIFF, JPEG, SGI-RGB, ACR-NEMA, and DICOM. If the data you want to upload into Amira is in any other format, it must be converted to one of the aforementioned file types. Do this using Photoshop.

All images imported into Amira must also be greyscale. Change colour images to greyscale using Photoshop as well.

How to

IMPORTANT: be sure that all data is in acceptable form and is stored sequentially in an easily accesible folder

1. Open Amira 4.1.1 (you can use Amira 5.2.1 as well though it is limited in the number of slices it can intake at a time. It is easiest to do your import in Amira 4, save it and then open the file to work on it Amira 5 afterwards.

2. Click the green Open Data... button in in the "Pool" window. This will open a load file menu in a new window.

3. In the Load File Window, find your folder of stored greyscale image data (converted from Photoshop -- see above). Make sure that all data is in the correct sequential order that you would like to interact with it in. Highlight all data to be included in this Amira file by clicking the first item, holding shift and then clicking the final item. Click LOAD

4. A new green box will appear below the open data button in the pool window. This is your data set now associated with this file.