June 2005: Tim Wilson is hired to the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at University of Western Ontario.  He finishes his post doctoral fellowship early and with a heavy heart at the University of Pittsburgh in Neuroscience and Otolaryngology. Not only was the science top notch the but people were excellent. He leaves behind a major American Heart Association Doctoral Fellowship grant to pursue his career back in Canada.

March 2006: Dr. Wilson proposed idea of Anatatorium project to ITRC and the FHS laboratory carrying this name forms.

May 2007: Dr. Wilson hired by the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.

June 2007: Wilson is recognized as a university level award winning professor with the Alumin Association, Bank of Nova Scotia, Distinguished Professor Award and also the FHS Award of Excellence in Teaching.

October 2007: CRIPT attends its first conference as a laboratory, GAMES.

May 2008: First Ph.D and Master’s students begin their projects at the CRIPT lab.

May 2009: CRIPT attends major international conference in New Orleans representing ACB department very well.

June 2010: New CRIPT website and logo are created.

April 2011: The CRIPT crew and other members of anatomy and cell biology have a great showing at the American Association of Anatomists in Washington D.C.

February 2012: Wilson is named an outstanding professor at the university level with the Marilyn Robinson Teaching Award.

April 2012: Ngan Nguyen, the CRIPT’s first doctoral student hands in her dissertation for oral defence on April 20th/2012.  Ngan is also presenting her work the very next day in San Diego CA as part of Experiment Biology and the American Association of Anatomists annual conference.  She is a potential award winner in educational research.

October 2012: Charys Martin (née Raynor) successfully defends her doctoral degree in Kinesiology as an interdisciplinary project with the CRIPT lab.  She is heading to Georgia as an assistant professor in January 2013!  Wow, how time flies.  Charys has returned to Western and is now a colleague here in the Department.  Her main responsibilities are to teach gross anatomy to our medical cohort.

July 2013 Dr. Wilson becomes an Associate Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology!

August 2014:  Jay Loftus successfully defends his Doctorate of Education at the University of Calgary.  Jay’s research was undertaken in the CRIPT and with gracious support of Dr. Kevin Shoemaker’s Laboratory.  This is a fine example of transdisciplinary thinking in education, psychology and physiology.

In January 2016 Victoria Roach completed here PhD in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology and pushed the limits of the CRIPT with her research on Spatial Ability.  She used eye-tacking to investigate how visual attention is modified with spatial ability.  Don’t despair though, in upcoming pubs, we illustrate how this can be overcome with some easy training!  She is now an assistant professor at the William Beaumont School of Medicine in Rochester Michigan.

History of CRIPT

The Corps for Research of Instructional and Perceptual Technologies (CRIPT) aims to become a world leader in digital anatomy education and evaluation through these objectives:

Characterize learner behaviours and physiological responses related to cognitive load utilizing eye tracking, transcranial doppler ultrasound (TCD), and other measures of learner physiology.

Advance the knowledge base concerning human perception, training and education in face to face and electronically mediated learning environments.

Develop de novo digital anatomical learning objects from human and animal volumetric data.

Evaluate the evolving environments of virtual realms where many learning and educational styles intersect.

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